Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food for Thought

One of the understandings within the FSM church is that everyone worships in their own way. That in mind, I decided that I would dedicate my blog to exploring Pastafarianism and many of the questions that can be challenging for the faithful.

This little corner of the blogosphere is where I’m dedicated to pastalization of the gospels of his Noodlyness, and in my own way spreading the word perchance to enlighten the lost.

Taking after the style of the Spaghettigrams (divine and pithy anagrams of wisdom from the FSM himself), I myself prefer to explore the wisdom of pithy quotes, especially when taken out of context.

It is my belief that in order to not be lead astray by other witticisms of no nutritional value, one must divest themselves of unhealthy dietary habits and so I might often be found waxing poetic or thoughtfully critical of quotes, proverbs or ancient sayings.

If we wish to truly be able to truly consume His word, then we must of needs, wash our hands of the germs of dogmatic infection lest they infest our very thoughts and minds with the sickly murk of irrationality.

After all in order to keep our thoughts saucy and sharp, focused on that which is good for a tasteful life, we should isolate ourselves from outside preponderances and slough off their weighty excess of outside or overly contentious commentary, that we might receive the pure sustenance of His word.

Every day His Noodlyness tests us. We encounter innumerable obstacles that attempt to lead us astray by tempting us off the path of an economical lifestyle, free of superfluous waste. He besets the road with challenges like snarky baristas and watchtower pamphleteers that might otherwise steer us off the course of having a great day by injecting us with their irritating sass or overbearing conservatism.

Yet with each day, we have the opportunity to demonstrate His noodly goodness by just offering a free and genuine smile and blessing, or tidings of a good day to any one of these challenging situations and almost certainly, whether they be Pastafarian or not, they will respond in kind and have a day that’s a bit brighter.

When you get right down to the meatballs of it, isn’t that what its all about?